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Why SecuRemote gets always the same IP address..?

We are using a remote solution based on 3000 apliance, Gaia R80.30 and Checkpoint VPN client in SecuRemote mode for remote users.

To distribute IP scope to remote users, we have configured a IP Pool that works well.

But on the client side (all) they gets the same IP address for "Check Point Virtual Network Adapter For Endpoint VPN Client" (sees at ipconfig /all)

That IP segment correspond to our licenses of "Office mode" that we are NOT using (do not offer Office mode)

Any idea..? we should get a different IP address for eache client to make an VoIP voice application to work.

Thanks for your suggestions.


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If you want apps like VoIP to work, then you need Office Mode.
SecuRemote does not use Office Mode at all and what you're seeing is expected behavior.
You need to use Check Point Mobile or Endpoint Security VPN, both of which require appropriate licenses (Mobile Access and SBA/CPEP-ACCESS respectively).