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VPN Clients Authentication - no option to use group of RADIUS servers in R80.x (was in R7x)

Hi All,


As per subject - the option to use group of RADIUS Servers for Remote Access (RA) VPN Clients has 'disappeared' from the R80.x version but was there in R7x.

To see and recreate what I mean please go to: RA gateway object -> VPN Clients -> Authentication -> Settings.

Choose Authentication method: RADIUS

The problem is that from the drop-down menu you can only see and use single RADIUS Server. In previous versions you could use group of RADIUS Servers. That's very important for redundancy!

In fact, in R80.x you can still click New button at the bottom of the list and create a group of RADIUS Servers but that's end - you cannot use this group.

This is step backward - this way remote users logging in to one gateway must rely on one server and not two or more like in older versions ;-(


Is there any way (workaround or so - or maybe even better Check Point can bring this feature back to Mgmt Server) to let gateway to use group of RADIUS Servers for users' authentication?

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