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Technology Partner News: RSA SecurID/RADIUS Integration Guides

Happy to say that RSA has updated their SecurID/RADIUS integration guides using R80.10 as the test platform. These can be found at RSA Link; (Check Point Software Technologies Inc. - Techno... | RSA Link). On the page you'll find 2 documents:

Customers on R80.20 who want to use 2 Factor Authentication and RADIUS when using our Captive Portal can check out Two Factor Authentication in the R80.20 Identity Awareness Admin Guide. From the R80.20 Release Notes:

  • Two Factor Authentication for Browser-Based Authentication (support for RADIUS challenge/response in Captive Portal and RSA SecurID next Token/Next PIN mode)
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If you are using the RSA Cloud Service change the RADIUS server service to NEW-RADIUS since it is using the correct port of 1812.


we use RSA on R80.10 as well, all works like a charm unless you're not using so called new-radius 1812/1813 ports Smiley Happy

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For the folks who have this working... can you explain to me what the "Configure a generic user profile in the Legacy SmartDashboard" step does exactly? 

This process has made total sense to me up to that step.

Edit: Just to be clear, I'm referring to the steps outlined in the Admin Guide!

Thank You!

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