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Static IP ipassignment.conf. How not to assign the static set ones to other people.

If I use $FWDIR/conf/ipassignment.conf  to assign a static ip how do I get it to not assign it to someone else? I set my static ip as

*      addr  TESTUSER


But I went to sign in the next day and it couldn’t assign me the ip because someone had it already. The entire subnet is assigned to the VPN office mode VPN _group. I’d like to assign about 20 clients Static IP’s.

Would I control it all via ipassignment and just assign any a range excluding the 20 I need and assig?

*           range               VPN_GROUP

*            addr                                  TESTUSER

*            addr                                    user2

*            addr                                   user3



Also if I have mutliptle groups say VPN_GROUP and VPN_GROUP2 that grab from the same IP range can I just do multiple lines to that range.

*            range               VPN_GROUP

*            range               VPN_GROUP2



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What you describe sounds correct.
If you want to be sure no one else is assigned a static IP then it cannot be part of a pool.
Multiple groups can use the same pool.

Thanks for the confirmation! 

1 more question. If I where to assign USER1 a static IP but that use is also apart of VPN_GROUP. is there an order of operation? Like put Static IP users first in the list? 



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