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SecuRemote with IP Pool NAT

Hi Folks, I'm sitting here and the old #SecuRemote with R80.10 driving me crazy. I have configured IP Pool NAT in my R80.10 Cluster. 

In 77.30 this was working properly. Since R80.10 it is not working any longer and I get IP's from a DHCP Server somewhere in the wild from my net. Do you have any ideas? How to get my IP Pool back? 

Just for info, we just using the free SecuRemote licences. 


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Office Mode is not supported with the SecuRemote client.

The fact it worked in R77.30 could be considered a bug.

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Hi Thorsten,

I guess it is no longer relevant, but your screenshot does not show the IP Pool-NAT settings, should be this Tab :

I have tested it with R80 a while ago and it was still working


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