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SNX R81.10 vs R81 JHF56


Happy Monday!

I just got a call from a customer concerned about Internet Explorer going away in 2022, and understandably asking for a plan.  IE has been a long time favorite with MAB, since there's no need for JAVA installs and MAB agents.   Are there any improvements or anything available that's different or planned for SNX in 2022? 

As a reference see the recommendation in sk173765 to use IE 11. for work for Mobile access portal

I'm wondering if there is some improvement in R81.10 over R81 JHF56 right now for my next upgrade RE: SNX.   

The latest client would disconnect in my environment after a certain amount of time, so we found an older client (8079) to be stable.  Some users are at their wits end with SNX. 

There's been talk over the years of Check Point having their own browser free alternative as well.


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@Daniel_Kavan do you know Mobile Access Portal and Java Compatibility - New Mobile Access Portal Agent technology 

Same is used in R81.10, Works with Chrome, Edge, Firefox … and in application mode no need of Administrator rights on the client. The small Mobile Portal Agent is used to install the SNX client.


Yeah, this customer does NOT want to install Java.   So, they are still using IE11.  

Is there any reason we can't get a standard ipv4 tcp based application not to work in application mode?  How does it find a resource if it's not in an office mode IP range?  It uses the firewall to proxy like a web application.    I'm having some trouble finding specification to use application mode. 

Hmm, it looks like application mode on a non IE 11 browser also requires the mobile agent and Java...  Installing Java & the mobile agent both DO require 'admin rights'.

sk113410 does mention this!!

Check Point is working on a new Mobile Access Portal Agent technology to maintain the current on-demand technologies support across the various supported web browsers. All browsers are now supported except FireFox on MacOS.