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Remote access vpn community

Hello all,

We have 2 gateways in remote access vpn community, If i connected one gateway after some time vpn client automatically trying to reconnect to other gateway, How do i stop vpn client automatically automatically connecting to different gateway.

Our setuup as mentioned below.

Checkpoint version R77.30

Remote access vpn community

Gateway1  (San Jose)

gateway2  (Teaneck)

Gateway3  (Pittsburgh)

If i connect to gateway1 i can able to access San Jose local network, Gateway2  Teaneck and Gateway3 Pittsburgh.

San Jos users can only connect to gateway1, Teaneck user can only connect Gateway2 and Pittsburgh users can only connect to gateway3, 

First time San Jose user while connecting remote access vpn they will select the Gateway1 and connect will successful but after some time vpn client automatically trying to reconnect to gateway2 and ask to enter the credentials, user will enter the gateway1 credentials then authentication will fail after 3 attempts user account getting locked.

How do i stop automatically connecting to different gateways?.

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Sounds like each gateway should have a different Remote Access VPN community.

Why don't they?