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Remote access not working

Gateway: 3200

client Windows 

software endpoint security

problem : enabling mobile access blade and enabling Remote access option for clients pc, doesnt work..


when I try to create a site I am getting the error site not responding, are you in a hotspot..

does anybody have a clue why this isn’t working.. I’ve made the firewall rule with source= users 

destination = network to which I grant access

and in the vpn column I choose remote access…

Action = accept

the gateway also participates in remote access community.

gateway has 1 activities be site-2-site working.. no firewall rule/nat rule dropping/accepting traffic on port 443… 

min logs monitor I can see traffic being accepted on port 443 in the implied rule when I try to create the site..


the endpoint version is 85.x and it works perfectly on 4 other sites..

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id say scenario 3 fits on my case. but im stuck on 

  • fw ctl zdebug drop shows no drops for this connection.

I see nothing in there but a list of information and a message saying no debug filter has been set.


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