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Remote Access with two SG

I have two SG - one 1470 (R77.20) and one 3600 (R80.40).

Both of them have Remote Access configured and on 3600 I have NAT on a different external IP to redirect Remote Access requests to 1470. 

Remote Access to both SGs works fine, however when I define connection in Endpoint Security for 3600 the first time I connect it is all good and I am connected to it. 

But the second time I connect, I will be automatically redirected to 1470 for some peculiar reason. It seems to me like after topology is downloaded the first time Endpoint Security is somehow confused and will no longer connect me to 3600 itself. 

If I remove connection from Endpoint Security and add it again then it all repeats exactly the same way. 

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Have you set Link Selection appropriately?
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