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Remote Access VPN Sites after Client Deployment


We deploy a number of Endpoint Security (Harmony/Sandblast) clients with the Remote Access VPN included.
Usually we perform deployments through 3rd party deployment tools like SCCM, meaning we pre-package the VPN site into an exported client and then push that to the Endpoint.

How can we add additional VPN sites to the Endpoint after the fact? As far as I'm aware, SmartEndpoint nor the Infinity Portal Endpoint management pages provides a GUI method of enforcing these changes.
Is there some other tool or configuration file we can modify & push to Endpoints? 

I would expect there to be an elegant way of performing this task.

Thank you

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Endpoint Security R81 Administration Guide p. 67:

Defining a VPN Site

When you use an exported package, you can configure each component package to connect to a default VPN site.

You can configure a default VPN site for packages for export. You cannot configure a default VPN site with automatic Deployment rules. To distribute a defined VPN site with Deployment rules, you can:

- Use Deployment rules to distribute an Endpoint Security component package without Endpoint Connect VPN.

- Create a package for export that includes only Endpoint Connect VPN and distribute it manually.

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