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Remote Access VPN Fail and have to delete and reconfigure client to access

Hello Community,

Today we have experienced unique problem with RA VPN, we configured our users to use VPN and has been working okay. Today the VPN clients couldnt establish connection to the office, but works if you delete and reconfigure the VPN gateway or VPN ip address on the client. if you log off the VPN and try to reconnect agail, it fails and you have to delete and recreate to get access.

Has any one experienced this or possibly have a solution to this?


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Did your gateway change IP address recently?
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Looks like the clients getting a new  IP-address for the gateways destination IP after first connect.

Check your settings in link selection to set your external IP for VPN connections:

link selection.PNG













If your clients are connecting via another IP-address as you set here, you could set these IP via Remote Access clients can connect to VPN Gateway only once