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Remote Access SSL VPN or clientless configuration on R80.20

Hi everyone,

I am trying to configure a scenario to allow Remote Access through a R80.20 gateway using SSL VPN/clientless configuration.

I am looking for recommendations and documentation to set this up.

The Remote Access client needs to have network access to the internal network as this is to be used for IT support. We would prefer to keep it simple by not installing a full IPSec client.

I have tried two configurations so far without success:

1. Enabled Mobile Access - was able to get authentication to work and establish connectivity with the SNX client, however could not find a way to present the internal routes to the client. SNX only showed routes to subnets directly connected to firewall.

2. Disabled Mobile Access and followed instructions in Remote Access VPN R80.20 Admin Guide - Have configured SSL Network Extender support but am not getting a response when I browse to the external IP on the gateway.

Any help appreciated.








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Have option 1 working now. The Domain for the remote Access Community wasn't set correctly, which was why I didn't receive the right routes.

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