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RA VPN failover with two ISP


We are having two SG in cluster mode (Active/Standby), currently with one ISP. We have planned to have secondary ISP with Active/Active mode & load sharing.

For RA VPN, endpoints are configured with ISP1 cluster IP

Now, after ISP redundancy and load sharing with ISP2. For RA VPN, if we configure one more site with ISP2 cluster IP at endpoint will it works during primary fails. (User has to disconnect site1 and manually connect to site2).

Is there any other configurations needs to be done at firewall level for VPN routing?

5800, GAIA R80.10.

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Are you talking about ISP redundancy in the Load Sharing mode with two ISPs?

If yes, read the manual for it:

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Thanks for the information provided, we have already configured ISP redundancy with load sharing.

After that, in remote access VPN only ISP 1 work, if we try to connect to ISP 2 from remote access VPN it doesn't connect.

If ISP 1 goes down, remote access VPN should work through ISP 2. How to configure the same?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Vignesh,


For now, there is no ISP Redundancy on Remote Access refer - sk113617


But there were some workaround provided to configure 2nd Default route used for working in CheckMates.




Regards, Prabu

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Any Solution on this in new R81 or EA R81.10 version?

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Not yet SonyJames in R81.x for now....

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