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RA VPN Settings for Endpoint Client

Hi All,

I have the Endpoint Security client deployed on our computers, and want to look at setting up RA VPN. I have the Endpoint Connect VPN blade installed on some of our machines to test with.

On the client, I can use the Connect to... dialog and select  New Site to start the wizard, but how would I create these settings and then deploy them to the endpoint clients? When I look at SmartEndpoint, I think I am supposed to see a section for Endpoint Connect VPN policy... this would seem like a logical place for this activity to occur... but there is no section with that name visible anywhere... (and it is set to be visible in the show/hide blades dialog).

Is this just weird, or am I missing something?



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@David_Levine ,

SmartEndpoint does not manage VPN settings. You should use SmartConsole. It is because VPN can be either part of Endpoint Security Suite or standalone client. Please refer admin guide relevant for you version.

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