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R81 - Mobile Access Portal - New customization options ?



I installed R81 on our 3600 appliance.


The new mobile access portal is active and looks great. I am searching for the

  • Simplified customization to easily utilize a brand identities

mentioned in the release notes. But I cant find any options which I did not have in R80.40.


Thank you for your help !




In case I got something wrong and you still have to do the customization in the php and css files:


Is there a new customization guide like ?

While this old guide still mostly worked for R80.40 it seems to not apply for the new mobile access portal in R81.


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Hi @Linus 

The new Mobile Access portal has completely new page markup, so the customization instructions for R80.40 don't work here. There is no need to edit PHP files with a risk to break functionality. Any person with minimal knowledge in HTML and CSS can create the new style. It is applied by the script and can be easily reverted at any time without any harm on active user sessions.
There is a customization package which covers the most frequently changed elements. It contains a CSS template with comments and hints. Please use it as a base for your own style. While the SK is "baking", I'll provide you a link to the package in personal message.


Thank you very much! 

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Hi MaksimBahunou,

I have a problem with the visualization of the Native App in the portal R81, this appear with the name cut off, the name don't show complete, I need to show an application per line, where can this customization be configured?




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