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Public IP address same as VPN Gateway


one of our partners has a side 2 side vpn to us, the remote gateway has the public ip address X.

The device has been created as interoperable device with his own vpn comunity.

The vpn works, they also have a http service where our server needs to connect to update a custom application.

The problem is that they are using the same public ip address as on the gateway and since the side 2 side vpn is online our servers are not able anymore to connect to the public ip address. I have spoken with our partner but they don't want to change the ip address of the webservice how it should be done.

From our side do I have any possibility to find a way around?

Thank you

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Without cooperation from the partner this could be a difficult one to solve.

What does your ruleset look like that allows access to the partner? 

Does that rule include their public IP?

Does their remote encryption domain include their public IP?

What (if any) log messages are you seeing when to try to reach that remote server?

Have they reported any errors on their side?

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Do you have a different public IP at your end, to which you could NAT the outbound HTTP(s) connection?

If they see this connection coming from an address different than your gateway address, they should not see it as a VPN peer and allow the un-encrypted connection.

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