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Possible to create trac.default from trac.config

I'm trying to create my first trac.config file to our Remote Access VPN clients.

When I look into the trac.default, there are so many options, I don't know where to start and where to end 🙂

Are there a way to create a .default file from a already configured endpoint client, since the trac.config file are encrypted. 

All my google skills only got me to a AdminMode.bat and cpmsi_tool.exe - I can't locate none of the two files in my Endpoint E82.00 installation folder.

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Is the SK for the packaging tool however that is for the client.   It won't configure the Gateway file.  Allows to install a prepared file with sites defined etc.

Is the SK for the Gateway File modification on the Gateway etc

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Please take a look at VPN Configuration Utility for Endpoint Security VPN clients for Windows:
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