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Nest groups for Split Tunnel

We have a split tunnel set for our VPN Remote Access users that excludes Microsoft traffic using an exclusion group and an update script to dynamically update Microsoft IP ranges.

We would like to add another non-Microsoft service to the split tunnel exclusion, but we can't manually add the IP's in to the current exclusion group as it will break it.

Does Check Point support nesting groups?

We are thinking of creating another exclusion group and then nest both groups into a "master" split tunnel group for example:

Current config

Remote Access Community > VPN Exclusion group > Group of MS IP list

New config

Remote Access Community >  Split-Tunnel standard group  > VPN Exclusion group > Group of MS IP list

                                                                                                         > Other exclusion group > Group of Other Service IP list



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Generally, nested groups are supported.
Not sure in this context.


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