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Need to Terminate Connected idle Remote Access Users


We want to disconnect users that are are connected over Remote Access VPN but sitting idle for sometime(Let's say 15min)

So if the connected user is idle for 15min how can we forcefully disconnect him.

OS: R80.20


Thanks in Advance

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You can check this sk75221 - "firewall_idle_connection_timeout_seconds" under Attribute Sub-Category = Firewall


Regards, Prabu


Hi- not sure if sk75221 would help since the firewall_idle_connection is when there is no traffic in the tunnel. But I think the question is more about a connected user with idle timeout by not touching keyboard, mouse. There is a ttm option to "suspend tunnel when locked" but is disconnecting the tunnel even when user locks the machine which is not due to idle reason. Page 62 of "Remote Access Clients for Windows 32/64-bit Administration Guide E80.65" talks about Idle VPN tunnel but I have not got that working and was looking for some pointers. 


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