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Multiple gateways one SMS - 1 firewall missing from Gateway drop down list

Hi there,


I have just inherited a SMS with multiple firewalls.

For some reason - if you create a site to 1 particular gateway and then connect successfully - the client will not have that gateway in the list of available gateways for subsequent vpn connections.

I have checked that the gateway is in the Remote Access VPN community.

Also it does connect once successfully.

Check Point Capsule VPN - connects all the time - probably since it does not rely on downloaded topology information.

I just cannot find why this is occuring.


<tried to disable mep - this removed the gateways list on the Windows VPN client but still could only connect once - then would not connect again .. also tried to put the actual ip address in the trac file.. same story connect once then not again. - I do see the correct extertnal IP in the properties so its not the setting to change the IP in GUIDbedit >


Any ideas ...



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Could you please provide some screenshots?

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