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Mobile Access Local User Expire Date / Session Timeout

Hi Expert,

I am using Mobile Access R77.30 for our workers and 3rd Party users for VPN. I have 240 minutes session time out for Mobile Access.

I must have time limit for 3rd party users, which I can set on User Properties -> Time and User Properties -> Experation Date. 


But assume that, one user have 15.02.2021 - 18:00 expiration date and time. The problem is, if this user connects the VPN on 17:59, he/she can still stay connected and authorized to start RDP session for another 240 minutes. So the expire time for 18:00 won't work, user can stay connected till 21.59.


Is there a way to disconnect the user at the expire time, so user cannot connect again? Or drop the RDP session some how with an API maybe? 



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It’s operating as expected as we only check the time at connection establishment.
There isn’t really an API you can use (especially on R77.30 where no REST APIs exist), but you may be able to terminate the connection using fw sam on the CLI or similar (depending on how it shows up in the connections table).

And yes, R77.30 has been End of Support for more than a year and you should upgrade to a supported release.

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