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Mobile Access Blade with Clientless RDP/SSH - Early Availability

Hi All, 

In the last two months, we heard from many customers that they have employees that need an easy RDP access (clientless) to on-premise workstations, and configuring Guacamole is a pain in the ass (Active directory schema need to be extended, performance issue and many other issues)

So, we have integrated most of it into the Mobile access blade and the only external component that is required is the guacd daemon which is taking care of translating between RDP protocol to guacamole protocol and this part can be deployed very easily.

Watch the movie to see the user experience and the configuration steps.

If you want to take part in this EA just drop me a message.

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Hi Shay,


I have a customer who is interested in this (in fact I think I will have a couple )


Please PM me to get started.





Looks nice, however it is for r80.30 with 2.6 and I was expecting it will be for R80.40 or at least gateway with new kernel...

If login to portal uses different password (MFA, certificate etc), and AD credentials being used for RDP. Upon changing AD password, is MAB going to prompt to enter new password?



Will the EA be coming to 80.40?  We're currently running 80.10 and planning to upgrade to 80.40, completely skipping 80.30.

Also, will the setup get simplified?  For example, the ability to run guacd on the gateway directly vs needing another Linux server?

If we will decide to port the HF to the GA, the configuration would be done from the SmartConsole.

The Guacd would still need to run as an external container.

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1. On the first time the user clicks the RDP link, he is going to be asked if he wants to reuse the credentials he used to login to the           MAB portal or to provide different credentials, which would also be saved.

     You can see this behavior at the end of the video.

2. As this HF is currently an EA and we are evaluating customer satisfaction, we have developed it to support only on R80.30 with            Kernel 2.6 and Jumbo 155.

    Based on the feedbacks and the number of requests we would get, we would decide if we are going to put efforts on porting this       HF to the GA  version.

    Your request has been counted 🙂



Hi Shay,
We have some clients who are very interested in participating in this EA. Please tell me how we can move forward

Hi Shay,

We have deployed R81 in VSX mode and we use virtual systems as our external firewalls where we will enable RA VPN and Mobile Access.

Is this feature clientless RDP supported supported in R81 VSX ?


Kind Regards,


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