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MAB Office Mode IP Pool on ClusterXL

Good morning,

I am writing to ask you for clarification regarding the definition of the IP Pool for Office Mode (MAB), in a ClusterXL Load-Sharing architecture in Multicast Mode.

following the update of the management server from the R77.30 relase to the R80.20 relase, we are encountering an anomaly that involves the Down of the SSL-VPNs in Office Mode, the anomaly is found when new rules are created on the policy MAB, (AD Group, Native Application, Front-FW) as soon as the new policy is installed, users who try to connect will receive the SSL time-out. by deleting the newly implemented rule, the SSL-VPN returns functional.

the problem at the bottom can be caused by the following problems ?:
   - Is the object relative to the addressing dedicated to the Office Mode an object of the network type ( and not of the range type ( -

   - in the Cluster Propietis section VPN the box "Offer Manual Office Mode (Using IP Pool)" is not checked and therefore defined the Pool in the box below?

Cluster Propieties.PNG

Grazie in anticipo per le risposte

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Given that adding new rules is causing the VPN to fail entirely, not sure either of those things are true.
I would get the TAC involved.
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You should Check Office Mode on each cluster member and assign a network pool:


I had an issue with this customer where nobody could connect with remote access when the member 2 of the cluster was active, same error as yours, when we checked it had no pool neither office mode.

Hope it helps,

Federico Meiners

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Epsum factorial non deposit quid pro quo hic escorol.

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