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Limit hours to join VPN Remote Access

Hi all,

We have an appliance that works Remote Access VPN, now the users connect just fine and it work perfect, but we want limit their access to the VPN , by time. Example: From 08:00 to 18:00 the user can connect to the VPN, before and after that period of time, the VPN must fail to connect.

I think I can use object time on the rule the VPN Remote Access, however, I dont know sure, firts if its allow, and second if this dont cause problems of performance. 

I review the options in gateway, and global propierties, and I havent see anything for configure the hour range limit for connect to vpn. 

Any advice?




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You will not be able to allow or disallow a VPN to connect.
You can however prevent any NEW connections outside the timeframe from the Office Mode network. When you have multiple rules for the Office Mode network you can add a drop rule above them with a time object that disables the rule from 8-18 hours
Again keep in mind this will only stop new connections, all running connections will not be interrupted.
Regards, Maarten
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