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Join a remote user to Domain AD problem

I need help to join a remote user to company domain active directory 

I want that the remote computer will join to the company domain and user can acces folders on our server using the permission of our AD

i am using Quantum Spark 1530 Appliance R80.20.25


1. I create a new user in the firewall 

2. i successfully connected the remote pc to the company network with remote VPN access

3. I successfully join the remote pc to the domain

4. after a workstation join to domain a restart is mandatory 

5. after restart the workstation i need to login to the windows 10 domain account 

6. after I input user name and password the remote workstation cant log in because the first time that needs to login to pc i need to be connected to the network of the domain but because the remote VPN client is closed after restart i cant login

7. i try to login to the local admin user account and connect to the remote vpn client and than i switch to the domain user but still cannot login ,


Do you have a way that I can connect the first time to the domain with remote VPN after pc is restarted? 





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Secure Domain Logon is probably what you need here.
Whether you can enable it on a locally managed SMB appliance is a separate question.
Details here:

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Try to connect to the local user (the one you used before joining the domain) then start your VPN connection, with VPN connected, switch user to create your domain new user account.

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