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Identity Awareness stopped working

Hi All,

All of a sudden the working IA stopped.

Getting the below when checked. Any suggestions to resolve this quickly?

# adlog a dc
Adlog is not running, therefore cannot display domain controllers status

Thanks in Advance.

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Now i can see the adlog a dc shows as dc has connection. However i see the below.

# pdp m ip 10.x.x.x

daemon did not respond or not running!

Please let us know what could be the reason.

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I am also having a similar issue. We have a VSX cluster, with IA enabled on certain virtual systems. We have seen this happen a few times over the past few weeks. On 1 VS, adlog seems to be flapping. If I do

adlog a dc

I see the message:

"Adlog is not running, therefore cannot display domain controllers status"

a few minutes later, if run adlog again, I see all the domain controllers listed with 0 events, then a few minutes later the message above.

If I run pdp m ip 10.x.x.x I do actually get details returned. 

IA on other virtual systems appears to be ok, except for intermittent servers being reported with the message:

connection had internal error [ntstatus = 0x80041032]

Any help with this would be appreciated. 

Thanks in advance

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Are pepd and pdpd running?
Recommend involving the TAC to help troubleshoot this.

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