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How to calculate Remote VPN capacity?

Hi fellows,

I am wondering is there a way to estimate how many remote access connections could be handled by a gateway, assuming there is now license restrictions.

For example, I have 6500 GW with 16GB RAM primary used for remote vpn connections - Endpoint VPN clients, Mobile Access VPN clients and SNX clients.

Is there a way to estimate the ras vpn capacity based on cpu/memory/connections ?


P.S Yeah, it is related to current virus situation and ability to work from home.

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The 6500 Datasheet (Basic version) states:

Ideal Testing Conditions 


- 22.8 Gbps of UDP 1518 byte packet firewall throughput 

- 4.3 Gbps of AES-128 VPN throughput 

- 140,000 connections per second, 64 byte response 

- 2M concurrent connections, 64 byte response 


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