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Flush DNS on VPN connect



When our users connected to our client VPN are we able to execute commands on the endpoints, for example ipconfig /flushdns?



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you can run post connect scripts. It's mentioned in the Remote Access Admin Guide. For clearing the dns cache there is already an option in the trac_client_1.ttm.


See sk75221


Configuring Post Connect Scripts

The Post Connect feature lets you run a script on client computers after connection is established. You must make sure that the script resides on the client computers, in the correct path.

To set the script path:

  1. Open GuiDBedit.
  2. Set desktop_post_connect_script to a full path on client machines for a script that Remote Access Clients will run after a connection is established (leave empty to disable the feature).
  3. Set desktop_post_connect_script_show_window to true to make the script run in a new window. (The default is false. The script runs in a hidden window.).
  4. Save and close GuiDBedit.
  5. Install the policy.
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