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End Point Security VPN Reset local password to Unistall

Hello everyone!!

I need a help with "Check Point Endpoint Security VPN", in my company we have a lot of notebooks with Client E80.90, We are trying to uninstall this version in our environment, but we need a password to uninstall, and we don't have, We've tried to set up a new password policy using the "SmartEndPoint R80.40" but the notebooks don't accept the new password.

How Can I uninstall the client in Windows 10? There are any way to reset or define a new password in the local machine? 





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Looks like there was a bug in earlier versions in some situations related to the configured uninstall password.
This can be fixed by upgrading to a more recent version.
Because of the VPN issue that's currently advertised on the CheckMates hero banner, you will probably need to apply one of the fixes here first: 
If neither of these help, please open a TAC case.

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Try using the default uninstall password, if it doesn't work, please work with TAC.

In any way, in case you are running on Win 10, you can use our Capsule VPN solution.


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Hi Fernando,

Note you can still change the uninstall password on the management and then patch/uninstall.

For this, you would need to connect the client to the EP server, the uninstall password will sync, and then you can install the patch.

To get the machine connected, need one of the two:

1. connect it to the LAN

2. use the capsule VPN to get temp connectivity.


It's so important for me to make sure you were able to solve the issue.

My email is Pls, contact me on any issue you encounter.

We can have also our support assisting you if that's required.



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