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E82 on Mac catalina - can't find chromecast devices from Mac Chrome cast

When upgrading to the new E82 client on Mac Catalina the ability to discover cast devices via Chrome cast option stops working.

This is tested and proven.

  1. Try to cast to a nearby cast device on a Mac with Catalina when no VPN is installed by following the guide here:
    It will work correctly.
  2. Now install client E82 on the mac and try to connect with it a few times.
  3. Try connecting again to a cast device, you will now see no cast devices are found.
  4. Uninstall the client with the uninstaller and now try again - cast devices are now found.



  1. Please note I don't understand what exactly triggers the issue, but sometimes it happens immediately after install(step 2 above) and sometimes after a while, what is certain is it happens eventually.
  2. cast is working correctly with 80.89, but there is known issue with this version on Mac Catalina and it uses 100% CPU all the time and crashes, so I can't use it.
  3. I'm developing cast applications so for me this is critical for work, and not just pleasure watching Youtube videos on cast devices.
  4. One of my team mates had High Sierra and cast was working correctly. He had to update to Catalina due to security issues and after upgrade he encountered same issue and had to uninstall the client as described above.
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The issue is pretty simple: as the Mac VPN client is licensed as a full Endpoint client, it includes a desktop firewall.
It is a mandatory component that cannot be removed.
By default this firewall blocks all incoming connections.
This would probably also impact Chromecast usage. 

In Global Properties, you can configure the state of this firewall for all users.
Once the user connects to your gateway, the configuration of this firewall will be updated.

Screen Shot 2020-07-05 at 6.40.31 PM.png

If you want something more granular than here, you will need to configure a Desktop Firewall policy.
This can be enabled by ticking the "Policy Server" option in your gateway object, then a Desktop Firewall policy can be added to an existing policy package.


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Thanks for the response. I too have this issue on my Mac with the checkpoint VPN client installed. I tried enable all incoming connections on the Mac preference for the firewall and still it doesn't work . Is this something an end user can do or only an admin has to correct this.

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Thanks for the response . I too have this issue installing Checkpoint VPN client on Mac. I enabled all incoming connection in the Mac firewall preferences but still Cast doesn't work. Please let me know if can be done by the end user or admin has to get this done on the server side.

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This is NOT the issue. We have firewalls disabled completely on all VPN clients and clients can still not use their Chromecasts until they disconnect from the VPN.

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