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Drive Mapping with Mobile Access SSL VPN

Hi All,

Recently I have successfully implemented Drive mapping feature with SSL VPN so thought to share with all. Below are the steps.

1. Enable Mobile access blade. Do the basic rule configuration.

2. Create Native Application as per below

Please Note: The host used the office mode address to connect to the server where the share is located. By default the office mode subnet is, please check on the gateway object under mobile access -> office mode to see the subnet that you have

This subnet should be allowed on the application under "authorized locations".  

3. Give proper parameters in Endpoint application. Advanced --> Edit --> Click Add. Please ensure that you have connectivity to Target parameters.

4. In Advanced --> Click on "When SSL Network Extender is launched"

5. Click Ok. Add this application in Mobile access Blade Rule. Save and push policy.

6. Now once you connect SSL VPN, Drive will be mapped.

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Thanks for writing this up and sharing!

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