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DNS Query

I wonder if anyone can help with this query?  My customer uses Capsule VPN on their iPads.  He's trying to browse to, but instead of resolving the public IP, it's coming back with a machine on his LAN -

Office Mode DNS suffix is set to  So I thought anything for would not match the Office Mode suffix and therefore just use the device/ISP DNS and get the public IP?  It seems all DNS queries are being sent to the Office Mode DNS servers instead, and therefore resolving incorrectly for

There's next to no useful documentation on Capsule that I can find, but it seems Capsule doesn't do any split DNS stuff?  Is there a way to make stop the client from using Office Mode DNS servers for public FQDN's?

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Does that include all DNS requests or just ones involving
We are limited by what iOS allows in this situation.
Make sure this isn’t configured:

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