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Customise DynamicID LDAP search query

We successfully configured DynamicID to make use of two factor authentication via SMS. The number is retrieved from the 'Mobile' field in Active Directory but our client has a dilemma.

Not all staff have company issued mobiles and the client has automation scripts in place to build staff email signatures using information in Active Directory. They do not want to expose user's private mobile numbers and have asked us to configure DynamicID to reference an alternative field in Active Directory, such as the Pager field.

Documentation details the following

Could someone be so kind as to advise whether or not we can configure this by editing a file on the security gateway?

The referenced location does not provide the ability to customise which LDAP field is queries for this information:


David Herselman

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We are selecting a successful SMS provider. Could you tell me who is your SMS provider?

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Epsum factorial non deposit quid pro quo hic escorol.

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