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Client upgrade has failed with Automatic Upgrade from the Gateway

I already follow by Automatic Upgrade from the Gateway manual from Administration Guide.

Please help to advice.

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Distributing the Remote Access Clients From the Gateway Use this procedure to distribute an upgrade of the Remote Access Clients from the Security Gateway. To distribute the Remote Access Clients from the gateway:

1. On the gateway, in the $FWDIR/conf/extender/CSHELL directory, back up the and trac_ver.txt files.

2. Download the Remote Access Clients Automatic Upgrade file for your release from the Endpoint Security home page

3. Put the new and ver.ini files in the same directory on the gateway: $FWDIR/conf/extender/CSHELL

4. On a non-Windows gateway, run: chmod 750

5. Edit the trac_ver.txt file in the directory and change the version number to the number in the new ver.ini. Setting Up Remote Access Clients Remote Access Clients for Windows 32/64-bit Administration Guide E80.72 and Higher | 28

6. Make sure the client upgrade mode is set:

a) Open SmartDashboard or SmartConsole (for R80.x).

b) Open Global Properties > Remote Access > Endpoint Connect.

c) Set the Client upgrade mode to Ask user (to let user confirm upgrade) or Always upgrade (automatic upgrade).

d) Click OK.

7. Install the policy. When the client connects to the gateway, the user is prompted for an automatic upgrade of the newer version.


There seems to be some overlap between where the latest version and trac files go for Endpoint Security vs SSLVPN network extender.   Are they both managed with the same files?  For example, I have 
835000022 as my preferred version of network extender in trac_ver.txt.

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Step 3. Put the new and ver.ini files in the same directory on the gateway: $FWDIR/conf/extender/CSHELL

I have no see ver.ini from download link.

E80.82 Remote Access VPN Clients - Automatic Upgrade file 

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You need extract the file. In that extract folder you can see two files: TRAC.msi and ver.ini file.

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i have the same problem.

i upload both files (ver.ini and to cshell

and have changed the trac_ver.txt

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Updating for other user ..

i was assisting other customer who had similar issue .  We found below errors ,  on trac.log file at client side . also Customer was not using mobile access blade on R80.30 gateway but GAIA platform portal was set to 443 and we changed the GAIA portal to 4434 and issue resolved .


24296 20780][30 Dec 18:42:40][TalkCCC] talkccc::RunSend: sending the following data for file download: GET /CSHELL/ HTTP/1.1
User-Agent: TRAC/986101507
Connection: keep-alive

[ 24296 20780][30 Dec 18:42:40][cpwssl] cpSSL_fwasync_pending: No input data is pending.
[ 24296 20780][30 Dec 18:42:40][cpwssl] cpWinSSL_fwasync_read: Peer has closed connection. 0 bytes not yet decrypted.



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