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Check Point VPN Logins - Top 10

Check Point provides several options to enable Remote Access users to login to the corporate network securely via VPN. Below is my Top 10 list of login options I see being used in companies enjoying Check Point solutions.


1 | Endpoint Security VPN (Standalone Clients Download: E80.92 for Microsoft Windows; E80.89 for Apple MacOS)


2 | Endpoint Security (Initial/Thin or Complete Clients Download: E80.95 for Microsoft Windows 64 bit / 32 bit; E80.89 for Apple MacOS)


>> Endpoint Security Homepage <<


3 | Mobile Access SSL-VPN Portal


4 | SSL Network Extender (SNX) - Clientless SSL-VPN (Installation Instructions for Linux)


5 | Capsule Connect for Apple iPhone and iPad Mobile Devices (sk69540) - Creates a full L3 VPN tunnel


6 | Android Capsule VPN for Android based Mobile Devices (sk84141) - Creates a full L3 VPN tunnel


7 | Capsule Workspace (Apple iTunes Store, Google Play Store) - SSL based access to Mobile Access Portal contents


8 | Native L2TP Client on iPhone/Android

l2tp on iPhoneAndroid L2TP definition on iPhone


9 | Microsoft Windows Check Point Mobile VPN plugin (Windows 8.1, Windows 10)


10 | SMB Appliance based Remote Access VPN (UTM-1 Edge only) or Site-to-Site VPN (700 / 1400 Appliance)

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