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Check Point Mobile for Windows and Secure Domain Login

I have been using the Secure Domain Login feature on the Check Point Mobile for Windows VPN client for awhile now, and it has been working fine.     It allows me manually login to VPN, prior to the Windows login, and then I login to Windows.   I am using Windows 10.        I am wondering if it is possible for this process to be only a single login?    Meaning if I login to the VPN client successfully, can those credentials be fed directly into windows so I don't get prompted a second time?         The VPN Client for Windows Administration guide, as well as the Advanced configuration guide reference a registry key that need to exist to cache credentials.   My computer already has the registry key.  But I am not clear if the cached credentials are mean to give a single sign on experience or not.      If it is it is not working on my laptop.    Has anybody made this work so there is only a single sign on?

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No - in sk94268: Mobile Access Client Support for SingleSignOn(SSO), we read that:

Single Sign On functionality is ONLY available via the Mobile Access Portal.

It is not available for authentication via the VPN clients such as  SSL Network Extender, SecureClient Mobile, SecuRemote, Check Point Mobile VPN, EndPoint Connect, and EndPoint Secure Remote VPN.

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