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Check Point Capsule (Windows Store) - Route All Traffic for single gateway only


I have a scenario where a customer, with many (100+) Firewalls Managed from the same SmartCenter.

The customer is using Check Point Capsule VPN (Windows Store) for users to connect to their local office gateway to reach both local/global resources over the VPN Mesh that is also established.


For one of the sites, customer needs the VPN-client to "Route all traffic" via the gateway.

According to Check Point documentaion, this is done by changing Global Properties "Route all traffic" for "SecureClient Mobile" to "Yes. There is also an option for "Configured on client" but this is as far as I can see not an option on the client.

The problem with setting this in Global Properties is that it will also affect a few thousand users connecting to all the other gateways..

Have anyone encountered this issue / have any possible workarounds so we can have "route all" for Capsule VPN but for 1 gateway only ? 


For Check Point Mobile client this is not an issue as we can easily define this on the site int the client.


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I am not sure that this feature exists in Capsule VPN - it is not mentioned in sk84141 and there is no way to set it to client decide.

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Thanks for the reply!

Yes, unfortunately the client does not support "configured on client" and the only officially suported way of getting this to work is changing the Global Properties settings for SecureClient Mobile to "Yes" which will affect all other gateways aswell.. IMHO these settings should not be in Global Properties but for each gateway, but thats something for an RFE 🙂

Was just hoping there was some parameter we could change, guidbedit etc locally on the gateway to enforce this "Route all" for a single gateway only for Capsule VPN that someone might know about.  Have already had a case with TAC and reccommended to open RFE, which wont help me much here 🙂

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