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Capsule VPN configuration upload to Android devices


Is it possible to install the the same Check Point Capsule VPN configuration to multiple Android devices at once, assuming that Capsule VPN client is already installed in all of the devices.

My thoughts:

- Maybe after entering creds or installing a certificate manually to the device, this configuration is being stored in a specific location, and by knowing this location it would be possible to replicate the same config file among all of the devices to the same filesystem's location by using scripts? Maybe somebody knows this location?

- Is it possible to do it with a Knox MDM? If so, how?

- Any other solutions? Maybe there are any Check Point native solutions?


Thank you.

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Please review sk169755 to see if it is helpful for your use case.


Cannot find this SK. What does it say?

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sk169755 Capsule VPN setup through MDM tells how to use MDMs:

The current standard for Android application configuration through MDM (Mobile Device Management) / EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) is app.config, which in the Android case means "managed configuration". Managed configuration is declared by the application developer in XML. This ensures that every MDM/EMM can read the necessary configuration fields (and sometimes values), but each will render the UI in its own way.

Prerequisite: Link the MDM/EMM to the managed Google Play. 

Note: Not all MDM/EMM providers support G-Suite.

The basic procedure is simple, but it will be different for each MDM/EMM provider, so consult the relevant documentation.

  1. Add Capsule VPN app to the managed Google Play
    1. For example in Intune: follow Add Android for work apps
    2. For Google EMM: follow Setup managed apps for Android
  2. Create a new configuration for Capsule VPN
    1. Note: if you are going to use certificates for authentication, for some vendors you must configure these before configuring the VPN.
    2. For Intune: follow app configuration policies for Android


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