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Capsule VPN Android - Dual ISP

I'm using Capsule VPN on Android.  Currently one ISP line on the gateway.

I'm looking at connecting a second ISP line to the gateway and using ISP Redundancy.

Does anybody know if Capsule VPN is clever enough to know about the second ISP line and try connecting to that if the primary ISP is unavailable?

Or is it as simple as creating a second VPN site in Capsule?  

I can't create a second site to the same gateway to test without it actually being there - Capsule needs to connect to the site during site creation and I don't have the second ISP line yet...  I'm just trying to find out what's what so that I can plan what will be needed for the end users.



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With Check Point clients in general (not Capsule), this information will be updated after you've configured the second ISP and Link Selection accordingly AND the client connects to the gateway successfully.
Not 100% sure how this works on Capsule clients.

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