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Employee Alumnus

$CPVPNDIR/bin/sendsms no longer used in R80.10?

According to my knowledge prior to R80.10 it was possible to customize $CPVPNDIR/bin/sendsms script in order to customize ways how to interact with Custom SMS providers such as bulkSMS.

Based on a number of tests I have done it looks that this script is no longer getting called when Dynamicid is set up.

I do have a working curl_cli HTTP Post which looks like this:

curl -v -u 'tokenID:tokenSecret' --request POST \
-H 'content-type: application/json' \
--data '{"to":"telnumber","body":"test SMS"}'

but now that $CVPNDIR/bin/sendsms is not getting executed I'm wondering that what would be the best way to use such http api post? 

I appreciate any inputs. 

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According to this document it should still work in R80.20. if it's not, open a ticket with TAC.


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