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Sangeeth_N inside Policy Management 19m ago
views 33 4

i I o O[FW Monitor] all via same interface

 Setup :                      External------------->[Checkpoint]-----------> DMZ Configured a static NAT for a server hosted in DMZ . When trying to access the same from the ex...
SantiagoPlatero inside Policy Management 37m ago
views 61 4

Is there any way to restrict RA users per geolocation?

Simple as it gets: I need to only allow to establish remote access connections (with the VPN client and/or Capsule) from certain countries for some users. Is there any way to do it?I know I could allow/deny https connection to the gateway from a c...
JozkoMrkvicka inside Policy Management an hour ago
views 68 12

Cannot delete service from R77.30 Dashboard

Hello friends, I am doing some clean-up of not needed services on management. Suddenly I got stucked on this one: Do someone know where I need to go in order to remove it from all 4 above mentioned rules ? Looks like something related to EndPoint...
Muhammad_Patel inside Policy Management yesterday
views 235 4

Publishing changes - Publish failed Action Failed due to an Internal Error

After making a number of changes, which included creating VPN communities and network objects, I tried to publish and install and got the following error message.'Publish failed Action Failed due to an Internal Error'Another administrator logged i...
Danny inside Policy Management Saturday
views 414 10 8

How to create a SmartConsole Extension?

I'd like to create a SmartConsole extension that colorizes the background of the source and destination fields within the rulebase according to the colors of the objects included in a rule. This is to help administrators following a coloring struc...
Mart_Pirita inside Policy Management Saturday
views 6146 53 18

When Will SmartConsole Support In-Place Updates?

Hi,I have used CheckPoint since 2005 and I'm now pretty sure, that CheckPoint hates SmartConsole users, as in year 2019 it's impossible to upgrade CheckPoint SmartConsole, without uninstalling old CheckPoint SmartConsole. And in year 2019 this uni...
Haider_Ali-Khan inside Policy Management Friday
views 2217 7 3

How to view published changes in R80

We have a shared environment running R80 MDS.  We will soon have people across the globe who will be allowed to publish changes to security policies but not allowed to install them before I or someone on the senior team makes sure they look g...
Gaurav_Pandya inside Policy Management Wednesday
views 13837 24 12

Dynamic Objects in R80.10

Hi All,I came to know the feature of R80.10 that we can make the dynamic objects for Microsoft services and others. Prerequisite for both Mgmt and Gateway : R80.10 with Take 24 HFA.ConfigurationIn SmartConsole, go to the Objects Explorer...
Boris_Smudja inside Policy Management Wednesday
views 27 1

R80 Identity awareness Client side logic/server side logic

Hello, Is there a knowledge base on how Identity Awareness actually works. The real question is - are there any conditions that would make Installing the policy on the Identity Awareness master firewall mandatory to have any new or updated us...
DaeGyu_Kyoung inside Policy Management a week ago
views 92 4

customer want to make object included expire time.

Hi checkpoint engineer everyone.Customer wants to make a node object or network object. And they wants an object include expire time. This is point, In here, I do Not tell time object on applying a rule. Just an object is expired on someday. On de...
inside Policy Management a week ago
views 7052 22 16

SmartMove: Convert Cisco ASA Policy to Check Point

Check Point SmartMove tool enables you to convert 3rd party database with firewall security policy and NAT to Check Point database.At the moment, the tool handles Cisco ASA (version 8.3 and above) configuration file and converts its objects, NAT a...
Nikolai_Borhart inside Policy Management a week ago
views 82 3

Strip HTTP Request Header Fields

Hallo Community,i need help with HTTP Request Header Fields. Is it possible in Checkpoint to strip a HTTP Request Header Fields? I need to strip the HTTP Request Header Fields from and via in some Networks .Thanks for help. 
Nigel_Dennison inside Policy Management 2 weeks ago
views 45 2

Bug in R80.10 Dashboard solr

OK I have come across a bug in the R80.10 Smart dashboard. I am 99.9% sure it is a bug with the SOLR indexing engine but I am happy to be proved wrong. I have repeated it several times on demand and you should all be able to do it using the demo m...
Aidan_Luby inside Policy Management 2 weeks ago
views 1536 5 1

Install Policy: X Changes from Y sessions number

Our management server has about 8 policies now and I used to like the Install Policy window where it indicates the amount of changes and sessions since the last install of the selected policy but now I find it confusing and misleading.Our administ...
Alexander__HEAD inside Policy Management 2 weeks ago
views 369 8 2

Moving from 71.30 to 80.10 - two problems left

I've made a clean install of GAiA R80.10 on new hardware (OpenServer), manually create all network objects, groups, services, rules and so on. After two unsuccessful attemps of switching servers I need to solve two problems.First: I cannot send/re...