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problem with VoIP and video after one hour

Has anyone experience with H.323 VoIP call drops after exactly one hour because Keep Alive "ACK" packets are not forwarded to t... 

We had the described problem, solution does not work and I want to know more...

Which IP-address is used from the gateway to send the keep alive packets ?

How about if more then one CheckPoint gateway is involved, meaning maybe two gateways in the network path between VoIP client and server. Which one sends the keep alive packets or both ?

Will be disabling the protocol type of H.323 service the only solution ?


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Hi @Wolfgang,

If you are using more than one CP gateway, you have already described the correct solution.

Alternatively you can create a new H323 service and set the TCP timeout higher.  It is also important to deactivate "aggressive aging".  I have used here for example 5 hours (18000 sec). However, this solution is not really nice either.


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