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Ankur_Datta inside Multi-Domain Management 9 hours ago
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cannot view logs on CMA

We have a MDS deployment. we are not able to view logs on CMA. Through CLM we can see logs. but Customer want to use CMA to manage security policies and view logs. In Gateway object we have selected to send logs to CLM not to CMA.  ...
Maarten_Sjouw inside Multi-Domain Management yesterday
views 30 6

R80.20 Upgrade Verifier problem on R80.10 MDS

I'm trying to run the pre upgrade verifier to prepare for an upgrade to R80.20 to a new machine. While running the verifier, first thing it does is a mdsstop, I get this error: Performing verifications on currently installed version===============...
Michael_Goodwin inside Multi-Domain Management yesterday
views 958 11 4

R80.10 MDM import

If I'm running a R80.10 MDM, and I am onboarding a new managed customer into this environment from their already existing managment server, it seems the import process that used to work for R77.30 MDM is broken.We used to be able to take a migrate...
Vilius_Palsis inside Multi-Domain Management Thursday
views 31 2

CMA to SMS migration R77.30

Hi!I need to split off one domain into separate SMS. Version in question is R77.30. Yes, i am aware this is not supported.There some good post around creating SMS as secondary to CMA and later promoting it.However i faintly remember using migrate ...
Lesley_Willems2 inside Multi-Domain Management Thursday
views 624 7 2

How to change DMS(CMA) name

Hi all,I'm trying to rename one of my customers dms name. It used to work in R77.x but in R80.x I can't get it to work.First i take a DMS backup with migrate export. After that delete the existing domain containing DMS and then create new domain a...
Vladimir inside Multi-Domain Management 2 weeks ago
views 53 3

Some clarity on mds_restore in r80.20 please...

Reading the CP_R80.20_Multi-DomainSecurityManagement_AdminGuide.pdf, I see:mds_restoreDescriptionUse this command to restore a Multi-Domain Server that was backed up with mds_backup. It is best practice to restore to a clean install of the previou...
Peter_Lyndley inside Multi-Domain Management 2 weeks ago
views 112 4 3

You have to stop the MDS to import a CMA ?!

I am in disbelief this morning...This is our first attempt to import/migrate_CMA whilst on R80.20 and now I find the followingcma_migrate /var/log/xxxxxxx.tgz /opt/CPmds-R80/customers/xxxxxxxxx_CMA/CPsuite-R80.20/fw1Your Multi-Domain Server should...
Stuart_Green inside Multi-Domain Management 3 weeks ago
views 227 12 1

Importing from SMS into MDS

Hi,We've got to move a database which was on a Smart-1 into an MDS environment.  All we have to work with is a migrate export output which is about a week old.  We can't get access to the Smart-1 or the database (don't ask).Doing a cma_m...
Vladimir inside Multi-Domain Management 4 weeks ago
views 58 2 2

Is there an option for gradual migration of single DMS (CMAs) in MDS HA?

For single MDS, there is "Upgrading one R7x Multi-Domain Server with Gradual Migration of Domain Management Servers" option, which is not listed under the "Upgrading Multi-Domain Servers in High Availability".Can someone tell me if it is possible,...
Maciej_Maczka inside Multi-Domain Management ‎02-11-2019 01:59:41 AM
views 100 2 3

VPN Domain per VPN community

Hi,Do you have any information about "VPN Domain per VPN community" development progress?According to: Video Link : 6473 Scheduled to Q3 2018.Best RegardsMM
Lesley_Willems2 inside Multi-Domain Management ‎01-31-2019 09:29:39 AM
views 225 3 1

fwm process pending issue mds r80.10

Hi everyone,I'm having this issue on a multi-domain server running r80.10 jhf t154 where all fwm processes seems to be stuck at pending, pnd (N/A) for the mds and all customers. I've waited more than a day and it is still pending. Before this star...
Harald_Hansen inside Multi-Domain Management ‎01-15-2019 11:24:12 PM
views 1397 13 5

Search multiple CMA

In R77.30 one had the possibility to search all CMAs for object usage. I cannot find this feature in R80.10 MDS. There is no mention of the Cross-Domain Management Server Search function in the CP_R80.10_Multi-DomainSecurityManagement_Ad...
Paulo_Lemos inside Multi-Domain Management ‎12-13-2018 12:55:30 PM
views 76 1

MDS and Identity Awareness

Good morning all,I'm starting with MDS, and running R80.20.I need to use Identity Awareness (AD) on one of the domains for Mobile Access and to setup some Access Role based rules. I was able to integrate with AD, and i can see logon/logoff events,...
Chen_Fenghua inside Multi-Domain Management ‎12-02-2018 11:10:54 AM
views 7294 4 3

How to change the IP address of a R77.30 Multi Domain Management Server(MDS)

I have one customer who want to change the IP address of a R77.30 Multi Domain Management Server(MDS).Here you are some configuration information.There are two using interfaces. One is Mgmt and another is eth0.Domain servers’s addresses are the sa...
Nikhil_Patil inside Multi-Domain Management ‎11-05-2018 01:47:23 PM
views 148 1

Firewall state table optimization

How can we achieve below requirement in Checkpoint firewall.1State Table1.1The solution should be a stateful firewall and must allow granular control of the state table1.2On a per-rule basis: a. Limit simultaneous client connections b. Limit state...