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Provider-1 Features

What if it was possible to drag a firewall from 1 CMA to another CMA would anyone else think this was useful? (and by doing so it takes all of the SIC connections, Policy & objects etc) with it?


What if it was possible to set or change the admin password for SSH and WebUI on all gateways in a CMA from the GUI


What if it was possible to setup SSHkey authentication on all of your gateways via the GUI without having some crazy script with 80 steps per gateway?


What if you could change all of the SNMP configurations of all of your gateways via the GUI at 1 time (like at the CMA level) like adding a new SNMPV3 user or changing the V3 users creditientials?

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Re: Provider-1 Features

I think most of your ideas can be already done through Central Deployment Tool (CDT) - sk111158. Not in GUI, but for multiple gateways in the same time.

From SmartDashboard R80.X you can also run scripts for selected gateways.


As for the first idea, I think it is too complicated and involves too many risks. It is easier if there is just one policy package per cluster, but for other options there are too many variables and possibilities.

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Re: Provider-1 Features

Either create reposity of scripts and just then run them agains selected targets or use CDT to roll-out this changes to gateways.
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