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User and Device Management Hotfix Supports Check Point Protect

User and Device Management (UDM) is a web based application that manages a range of user and device related tasks in an organization. A typical user accesses organizational resources from multiple devices: computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

UDM provides a unified environment for managing various user and device related tasks, such as provisioning, transparency of access via SmartLog logs, viewing user and device details, certificate management, AD user management, and FDE password recovery (for Endpoint Security clients).

With UDM, security administrators can delegate user and device management tasks to Help Desk administrators. This delegation of responsibilities lets the network security team handle security policy issues and the Help Desk team manage some user access tasks.

More details available in the following SecureKnowledge article:

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The User and Device Management is a great tool for customers who wants to keep the internal PII data of their employees on-premise. This is the architecture overview of the solution:

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