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Sandblast Mobile Device Events Query

Hi all,

I have some questions regarding Sandblast Mobile.  I presume I'm missing something as there appears at the moment to be some disconnects within the WebUI.  For example, in the Events & Alerts tab I have a list of stuff, but using the below example I have a few "Warning" events for non-compliant devices.  How do I tell which devices it's moaning about??  There appears to be no way to know?










On the flip side of that, in the Device Risk tab I can see that one device has 6 Medium Risk things wrong, but with the filters set to All, it doesn't show any risks.  How do I know what the 6 risks on that device are?















And finally on a related note, in the App Analysis tab, I see for example that Dropbox is installed on 2 devices, but I can't tell which devices they are.



How do I match up the apps or events to a particular device?  It seems an obvious thing to want to do but it isn't intuitive...




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