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SandBlast Mobile with Microsoft Intune ?.




We have Sanblast Mobile setup with Microsoft Intune.

Our devices are added to the SB portal by adding the user to an AD group, SB then sends the user an activation email.

In the SB portal we can see the devices but if we select a device the only options we have are "Delete" and "Export to CSV".

Is it possible to get access to the other options like "send activation" or are these options not going to be available because of out integration with InTune?





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Pretty sure you’re correct: when you’re integrated with Intune, you need to onboard your device via Intune.


If you follow the instruction with the Intune Integration, what you need to do is enroll the device into intune. Once enrolled into intune, the device should be in an appropriate device group (in Azure AD). From there the app and app config will be pushed. In short, the workflow should be:

1. enroll device into intune

2. the app will auto-installed and show up

3. user click on the app, choose intune login. Then accept the user notification or OLP setting.


With intune integration, you don't need separate activation email. Intune will mark device compliant only if device have sandblast mobile installed(and activated) through the compliance policy. And if device is not compliant in intune, you can restrict the device access to corporate data (such as setup custom conditional access in Azure).

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Im not sandblast expert by any means, but I agree with what @PhoneBoy said. It actually makes logical sense.

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