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Protecting your mobile fleet against the latest cyber attacks! June 2023 Video, Slides, and Q&A

Slides are attached
Q&A is below the video.

With application compliance, can Harmony verify that obsolete web browsers (maybe with vulnerabilities) should be blocked "automagically" without constant user intervention or administration on browser versions?

If users have a browser that is vulnerable or malicious, you will have such visibility as an administrator. You can also black list in the policy the package name of the unwanted browser app. You can also block specific versions of specific applications. You cannot currently enforce a minimum version on a specific application.

We rolled out corporate phones. We now want to add Harmony Mobile. How do we do that so it shows up on our dashboard? We tried to preload the app, but we couldn't see it when we logged into the admin portal.

After preload the application, you need to make sure the device will register to our dashboard. You can do it 2 ways:

  1. You can use Zero-Touch with an MDM, which will conduct the registration automatically without the user clicking anything.
  2. The user need to register to the dashboard by short steps that Harmony mobile provide instructions on inside o
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