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Prevent attacks on consumer-facing mobile applications

Marcher, a banking malware, downloaded by thousands of users around the world directly from the Google Play Store in July 2016, targeted hundreds of the biggest financial services companies. It used overlay windows to steal bank account
credentials, credit cards, and personal identifiable information.

Mobile applications need to be deployed out at a rapid pace with a seamless user-experience, which makes it a challenge to ensure that they will not be compromised. If one of those app instances happens to be run in a compromised environment, the following can be stolen about:

The best way to prevent attacks on consumer-facing mobile applications is to understand the environment in
which they operate in. This requires being able to detect the largest array of known and unknown threats and
attacks across:
* Jailbreaking and Rooting
* Malware
* Network Man-in-the-Middle
* Phishing

Contact us if you or your customers would like to prevent attacks on thier consumer-facing mobile applications.

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