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MDM unenrollment for Checkpoint Sandblast Mobile Protect after being enrolled elsewhere?

OK so hit an interesting problem with a customer.


They had a phone that was enrolled with identity management for a different company. 


Then they wanted to enroll their phone in a new personal company portal for Sandblast Mobile.


However the device can't be un-enrolled from the old company.  Every time they try to set up the Sandblast Mobile Protect application on IOS they get re-connected to the original company portal (identity management SAAS.


How do we undo this and connect the phone correctly.



2 Replies

Uninstall device in asset management in cloudguard saas, unenrolling device.

Uninstall applicaiton Checkpoint Mobile.

Remove Settings -> General -> Profiles


Re-install application and it tries to connect to old portal?


please open a TAC ticket about this - it might be that we need to get it resolved from the back-end since the old company doesn't have actual access to the SBM dashboard.